Centuries of History & Information on the Interpretive Panels of the Trail.

The list below are links to images of the various interpretive panels on the trail depicting historical accounts of the various communities along the Celtic Shores Trail.  At the bottom of the you will find the background information on these panels and how the proud volunteers from five historical societies and five trail groups came together as a cooperative to have over 60 panels created.

A Century of Railroad Heritage

A Decade of Trailbuilders

Port Hastings History

Judique History

Port Hood History


Inverness History

K1-3D Map

K-3 Hasting-Troy


K-3 Mabou-Inverness

Canso Causeway

Stella Maris

Christie’s Look Off

Walker’s Cove

Baxter’s Cove 

Judique Station

Michaels Landing

Maryville Station

Little Judique Harbour

The War Years


SW Mabou Crossing

SW Mabou River


Gaelic Traditions

Mabou Station

An Drochaid

Mabou Traditions

Deepdale Trestle

Strathlorne Station

Inverness Harbour

About the Interpretive Panels on the Celtic Shores Coastal Trail

Celtic Shores Coastal Trail Interpretive Panels were unveiled April 19th, 2011. The Celtic Shores Coastal Trail officially opened five community trail sections on Oct 22, 2008. From 2008 to 2011 volunteers with, The Ceilidh Coastal Trail, The Judique Flyer Trail, The Chestico Trail, The Mabou Rivers Trail, The Inverness Shean Trail, and historical volunteers with the Port Hastings Museum, Celtic Museum Archives Dept., Chestico Museum An Droichid Museum, Minors Museum all came together as one cooperative group to complete the Interpretive Panel component.

Great Signage is a key component of any great trail experience. We hope these Interpretive Panels will not only exceed the expected experience of your visit to our trail, it will help motivate you to plan time to stop in communities along the way, stay longer in each community, and return again someday, to experience our villages, vistas, trails, and tunes along the Trans Canada Trails “Celtic Corridor”.

In total over 60 Interpretive Panels have been installed. Two dozen 24 X 30 interpretive panels will be installed at site specific locations along the trail. From the building of the causeway, to a living tribute at Christie’s Lookoff, to historical records of Judique fishing harbours, to the mines of Port Hood, to musicians of Mabou, to a picture record of Inverness Harbour. Larger 48 X 30 panels will be highlighted at covered kiosk locations at key community access locations. Each Kiosk will feature six panels.

–        K1 is a large map and way-finding coordinates.

–        K2 features the host community’s local history through facts and photos.

–        K3 features localized map and amenities of the host community and one near-by and feature the top “must see” attractions of each community.

–        K4 features the common theme of the “railroad years” which is shared by all communities.

–        K5 is a tribute to the decade of trail-building by volunteers and in-kind assistance.

–        K6 is a featured thank you to the many partners who contributed to the trail to October 2008.

We would like to thank our locally contracted design team, Walter Delorey and Mary Vuillemot of MV Design.  Their creativity and knowledge was an amazing. As Walter, Mary, Virginia and all the committee can attest to, is that there were 20 times more pictures submitted than we were able to use.

On behalf of the project partners and supporters of the Celtic Shores Coastal Trail, we would like to thank all the volunteers who have contributed to the completion of the Interpretive Panel Project. The dedication of these volunteers and genuine signs of community pride, as well as the showing of community support, will be seen when one’s views these panels. Please come and travel the trail. You will be captured by a trail steeped in history, a picturesque and captivating coastline, wetlands and waterways, tides and tunes, and a memorable all round trail experience.

The Celtic Shores Coastal Trail will be a legacy for our residents, visitors, and our future generations to use and enjoy. A heartfelt Thank You to all the donors, funding partners, supporters, and most of all, our volunteers….Without all of you, none of this would be as grand.