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Description of the Five Community Trails of The Celtic Shores Coastal Trail

Port Hastings

“The Ceilidh Coastal Trail-Section 1

The first kilometer of Trail is gravel trail, single track before entering a two kilometer “hike-able” tidal washed section. This section is a “hike a bike” section”, but the scenery is amazing with the Strait of Canso on one side and beautiful Long Pond on the inland side. Cyclists are recommended to access the trail at kilometer 4 at Troy from Route #19….MORE

Judique – The Judique Flyer Trail Section 2

Terrain & Tread: The trail tread is moderate unsurfaced for the first 4 kms then good as it topcoated for over 25kms.

About The Judique Flyer Trail Section:
The Judique Flyer Trail Section of the Celtic Shores Coastal Trail begins at Trail Marker 20.5 at Chisholm River Trestle. Over the next four kilometers you will be treated to spectacular coastal view-scapes as the trail hugs the shoreline of Centennial Beach at an elevation of approximately 70’ directly over the beach below. Watch as you pass for pilot whales or fishing boats. Here the trail hugs the ridgeline of rugged cliffs and offers never ending views of the rocky beach and crashing waves down below…MORE

Port Hood’s Chestico Trail Section 3

Tread & Terrain- very good for approximately 15 kms before entering an moderate unsurfaced section for about 3 kms
Crossing the causeway at Little Judique Harbour at the start of the Chestico Trail Section be sure to capture a view of the many heron perched on the shallow flats or fishing boats shimmering on water at the Harbour Wharf. Travel north about 3 kilometers to the Shore Road Crossing in Harbourview at Civic#76. You can leave the trail to your right and go approximately 400 meters to a tea room & bakery. Travel South one km on Route #19 to The Chestico Museum…MORE

Mabou – Mabou Rivers Trail Section 4


The next section of Celtic Shores Coastal Trail is the Mabou Rivers Trail Section, named for the three different water systems that adorn the trail to different degrees.The first 4kms are unsurfaced before the tread becomes excellent for the next 13 kms through the village of Mabou…MORE

Inverness – Inverness Shean Trail Section 5

Inverness Shean Trail
Traveling north on the Inverness Shean and final section of the Celtic Shores Coastal Trail from Blackstone about 4.5 kms to Kenloch you will experience unsurfaced but easily ride-able coal dust covered treadway. It is anticipated that this last section of unsurfaced trail will be completed in 2013. Shortly after crossing Hwy#252 at Kenloch civic # 4830 you will find a rest area along the shores of Lake Ainslie…MORE