Port Hood’s Chestico Trail Section 3

Tread & Terrain- very good for approximately 15 kms before entering an moderate unsurfaced section for about 3 kms
Crossing the causeway at Little Judique Harbour at the start of the Chestico Trail Section be sure to capture a view of the many heron perched on the shallow flats or fishing boats shimmering on water at the Harbour Wharf. Travel north about ___kilometers to the Shore Road Crossing in Harbourview at Civic#____. You can leave the trail to your right and go approximately 400 meters to a tea room & bakery. Travel South one km on Route #19 to The Chestico Museum.

Back on the trail at Shore Rd # _____ you can head north approximately two kilometers to Hwy Route #19. Here you can grab an Ice Cream before continuing on You may wish to exit the trail left on Hwy 19 and go .2 kms to rent one several cottages with ocean view. About another km you will find easy access to a convenience store and government NSLC selling beer, wine and spirits. Just beyond these stores you arrive at Port Hood Station look off and rest area. Interpretive signage, parking and a picnic shelter and an awesome view of Port Hood & Henry Island await you. At this

This public access road will lead you the Port Hood Day Park and boardwalk. http://porthood.ca/attractions . Enjoy one of the five sandy beaches in the area.

In the village of Port Hood you will find eight eating establishments varying from a highly rated restaurant recently featured on “The Great Canadian Food Show” and in Where to eat in Canada, to tasty take outs. Port Hood also hosts an RV Park, campground, public pool and beach, hardware stores, grocery store, several gift shops, two Inns, and two business renting cottages with awesome ocean views, several wharves, and a fishermen’s coop selling fishing supplies, fresh lobster and seafood. At The Clove Hitch Bar & Bistro at Civic # 8790 on Hwy #19 you can rent bicycles. You may wish to find passage on one of the local fishing boats to visit historic Port Hood or Henry Island, or simply to enjoy a sea tour around the bay.

Back on the Chestico Trail Section of the Celtic Shores Coastal Trail at Port Hood Station you can travel north and inland for about 5 kms towards Glencoe. This section is canopied by a variety of vegetation and partially surfaced at the moment. At Glencoe Station you can exit the trail to connect with the Glencoe Station Hall, the Alpine Snowmobile trail, and several interesting backroads that remarkably will always connect with themselves. Getting lost is not an option.Continuing North on the trail at Hwy Civic# _____ for approximately 3____ kms, you will notice the Southwest Mabou River down on your right over 50 meters below offering a majestic view of the valley and farm meadows. The Chestico Section ends at Hwy 19 Civic # ______.

About Port Hood Village


We’ve been expecting you. Port Hood is a vibrant, seaside community on the west coast of Cape Breton Island, and the capital of Inverness County, Nova Scotia. You’ll find us on the Ceilidh Trail, approximately 30 minutes north from the Canso Causeway, which links mainland Nova Scotia to Cape Breton Island.

Port Hood has miles of sandy beaches on the warmest waters in eastern Canada. It is host the annual Chestico Days and Lobster Picnic festivals. We are the home of NHL Hall of Famer Al MacInnis, CFL champion Bruce Beaton, the late “Godfather of Celtic Music” John Allan Cameron, and former Olympian Duncan Gillis, not to mention 2008 Canadian Idol runner-up, Mitch MacDonald! Ciad Mile Failte –  One Hundred Thousand Welcomes.