West Mabou Beach & Trails

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Located just south of the village of Mabou, you can find this trail system by turning off the Ceilidh Trail    ( Route 19) at the  West Mabou Road and driving approximately five kilometers.

The first trailhead is found at the point where the pavement ends , and the other trailhead is found further down the West Mabou Road off the beach parking lot.



The trails on the first or upper section will take you through mostly spruce woods, eventually leading to  quiet coves on the upper end of the Mabou estuary.  There are nice viewpoints  across the tidal flats towards  the Mabou Harbour Lighthouse and  sweeping views down the length of Mabou Harbour.  There is a great opportunity to spot bald eagles and many other bird  species.   The four or five kilometers of trails here are easy, with footbridges at the wettest sections.

The trails on the other section can be accessed just above the picturesque West Mabou Beach, a two kilometer stretch of natural  beauty . This popular, yet unspoiled beach is a gem.  After a summer swim in the warm waters , you can take a short hike through the easy,  family friendly trails that will either lead along the top of the beach cliffs,  or allow you to wander through some great examples of karst topography or sink holes.  The picnic tables that are scattered along the West Mabou Trails will give you an excuse to linger longer.