Boardwalks in Inverness County

The Port Hood Boardwalk & Beach:

Port Hood Boardwalk

Located just outside Port Hood’s main entrance  the Boardwalk & Beach has very easy access with parking only feet away from it’s sandy shore. While bathing in the sun and soft waves take in the scenery of Port Hood Island and the coastline of Port Hood. At low tide you can take a stroll on it’s sand bars or dig for clams. A great spot for kite-flying. Port Hood is known as being home to the warmest waters in Eastern Canada, but did you know that Port Hood has 5 sandy beaches all with their own unique attributes?                                                                                                                                                                                                               Lawrence’s Beach located in Harborview, Lawrence’s is a busy beach that usually hosts many of our friends from other communities. This beach is fairly easy to access and is the only beach where you can view both Henry Island and Port Hood Island at once. Another great attribute about Lawrence’s Beach is that it is connected to part of our beautiful boardwalk!


Inverness Boardwalk:


Spanning along between the sand dunes of Inverness Beach and the new Cabot Links Golf Course and featuring a new one kilometer addition connecting the harbour boardwalk entrance with the village of Inverness on Hwy 19 Main Street. The nearby beach is kilometers long and features white sand, warm waters, and an unique opportunity to beach comb for multi-colored sea glass. The beauty of the Inverness Boardwalk is featured above.


Cheticamp Boardwalk:

Cheticamp Boardwalk   This boardwalk highlites the vibrant community waterfront of the Acadian community of Cheticamp. Restaurant, Gift Shops, Hotels, Boat Cruises, Fresh Seafood are all within a few steps from this picturesque boardwalk. Whale Watching is very popular  and you can book passage daily during the summer months. The Gypsum Mine Trail starts not far fom this boardwalk.