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DISCLAIMER: While considerable effort has been made to provide accurate information, we take no responsibility for any errors or omissions. Coastal paddling is not without some risk. Weather and water conditions can change quickly, and it is up to each paddler to learn the proper skills and make prudent judgments. The ultimate responsibility for safety lies solely with the individual. MAPS ARE NOT FOR NAVIGATIONAL PURPOSES


Inverness County offers several awesome kayak experiences along the Western Bras d’or Lakes. The attached maps and staging /landing areas, while not meant to be used for navigation purposes, offer visiting kayakers local information and recommendations.

West Bras d’Or Lake West – Route #7

West Bras d’Or Kayak Map

 – Trip Planning Introduction –

Along the Bras d’or Lakes from West Bay to Aberdeen in Inverness County,  you will be captivated by an  amazing Inland Sea Kayak experience. The link above will give you lots of great information on how to best plan and experience this route historically traveled by the local first nations Mi’kmaq residents. This route will take you past the first nations communities of Malagawatch and Waycobah.

Mabou to Port Hood – Route #6

The following suggested Sea Kayak Route Information is Under Development:

Meat Cove

Cheticamp to Margaree Harbour

Margaree Harbour to Inverness

Inverness to Mabou Harbour

Port Hood & Henry Island

Port Hood to Judique

Judique to Troy

Strait of Canso