Eagle Nest Trail

SEASON       - Year Round


     Emergency:       911
     Special:         Nearest phone at Brown's B&B


Located in Margaree Center 6.5 km off the Cabot Trail.  The trail begins at 
Brown's Bed and Breakfast off the Margaree Road. 


     Walking:                     Y        Hiking:              Y
     Mountain Biking:       N        XCountry Ski:   N
     ATV:                           N        Horse:               N
     Snowmobile:              N        Coastal:             N
     Loop:                          N        Wheelchair:      N
     Wheelchair Assisted: N  


This is a nice short trail that offers a beautiful view of Margaree.  Although 
it is short in length, it may prove to be challenging for some as it climbs 
through the woods and fields until you reach the lookoff at 850 metres. There is 
the opportunity to rest along the way as it is equipped with benches at 350 
metres, 485 metres, and 650 metres.  You can rest weary feet while taking in a 
view of the Margaree Valley.

Well maintained, this trail goes through apple trees, quaking aspen, maple, and 
spruce trees. When you do reach the lookoff at the end of the trail, you can 
turn left and take in the Margaree River below you while resting in the shade of 
a tall pine tree. 

 Managed by Margaree Development Association ( MADA)